About us

 We are a product engineering company specialized in vehicle platform development.

Our work extends across e-mobility, where we design and engineer electric bikes, motorcycles, scooters and license-free cars for global OEMs, Start-ups, and motorsports. We engineer, manufacture and sell “best in class” racing products for professional and amateur racers across the world.

Our range of racing products includes but is not limited to lightweight F1 style steering wheels, transmission kits and advanced electric power trains than can transform any existing ICE kart into an electric kart within minutes.

We are uniquely positioned to handle our clients’ toughest challenges, including definition of development strategies, interim project management, cost reduction analysis, ad-hoc product development and regulatory compliance.

In addition we can manage outsourcing of external engineering capabilities to design and deliver high-quality prototypes and low-volume manufacturing of complex products and assemblies, including power electronics, motors, transmissions, battery packs and of course, complete vehicles.



Deploy economies of scale while integrating proprietary hardware and software technologies with existing state-of-the-art powertrain solutions in order to reach lower costs and highest quality .


To accelerate the electrification in mobility and motorsports, reaching higher performance and safety standards, and making e.racing and e.mobility affordable and accessible to everybody.


Determination, team work, fair-play & social responsibility.


Combining efficient electronics, safe modular Li-on energy storage systems, innovative patented transmissions and scalable power options, Rothmans power trains deliver higher torque with lower energy consumption throughout a entire range of available outputs.

Engineered as “bolt-on” kits, our systems can be easily installed onto any racing kart frame, so replacing any type of internal combustion engine is a piece of cake.

Rothmans powertrains are profitable for rental go-kart track applications with a quick return on investment thanks to the swappable/modular battery packs – wich can be bought or even leased – and their lower maintenance and operational cost. A new era in Racing is getting closer. It is time for smart racers. 

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Value Chain

Strategic consulting

Our interdisciplinary team of experts and partners will assist you to select the best technologies, partners, and design solutions to create best in class electronics, electric vehicles, and e-racing prototypes.

Product development

Our “Design for Manufacturing and Assembly” development method is applied from the early project planning stages, which will not only reduce development cycles and cost, but optimize later industrialization efforts prior to reach mass production and sales.

Prototype construction

We are specialists in functional quick prototype construction. Whether you need to face-lift an existing vehicle or create an entire new platform, we take full responsibility and deliver it according your specifications on-time.


We have a global network of reliable collaborators, partners and suppliers with whom we can accelerate creation of new products and vehicles ensuring quality and excellence at the same time.

Furthermore, our team can take care of global sourcing activities for your company, delivering turn – key programs from design to start of production upon request.