Rothmans® is a spin-off of TZprojects, an engineering consulting company specialized in designing and manufacturing of electric vehicles (micro-cars, tricycles, motorcycles, mopeds and electric bicycles).

With a track record of more 15 years developing projects for several European manufacturers and Start-Ups, TZ launches under its own/registered trade mark “Rothmans®” a revolutionary electric powertrain technology for racing karts and motorcycles with the determination to overcome any equivalent gasoline powered powertrain.

In order to do so, Rothmans® technology combines market leading electronics with proprietary transmission and energy storage solutions, as well as advanced controls to reach superior performance than existing gas powered engines, and higher efficiency (therefore range) than any equivalent electric power systems.

Rothmans® technologic advantage results in lower ownership costs, easier handling & zero emissions.
Last but not least, Rothmans® market approach includes direct interaction with customers, dealers and brand followers through a digital platform that combines IoT and tailor real time services.

Rothmans®: #TheStormIsNearlyHere


Project milestones to date, and goals to come:

0> Product engineering and validation       DONE

  • Engineering & Prototyping (e-kits, eTork, MRSWs range)
  • Testing (durability and handling, including F1 driver´s feedback)
  • RE-engineering and Industrialization (e-kits, eTork, MRSWs range)
  • Kick off UltraCaps project (ITA innova - Functional proto funding)

1> Business Planning       DONE

  • BOM, BOS, Business and Marketing plans
  • Founding team agreement
  • Trade mark registration (Spain, EU)
  • WEB & Online store launch
  • Apparel & kart gear collections
  • RFEDA approach (WIP to 2021)
  • Digital platform definition
  • First seed funds raised (50K) (ITA-OEM)
  • Quick Swap battery system

2> Start of Sales (Europe)    NOW

  • Sales (Steering wheels, kart gear, apparel)
  • Crowdfunding
  • Spanish National Kart Championship 2021
  • Online SOS (Kits)
  • Supercaps KERS+ prototype

3> Sales WW and New Products development

  • eTork 2gears
  • KERS+
  • 72V to 144V drive system

The Prototype

Javi Villa, former F1 BMW test driver:

“This is the first electric kart ever that deserved to be a racing one. Its performance is pretty Ok, but its handling and superior range is clearly outstanding”


The Brand

We have exclusive licence for marketing any class 12 product under the trade mark.

Formerly know as main sponsor for Formula 1 teams (WILLIAMS with Hill, Senna,…)  500cc world motorcycle teams (HRC-HONDA with Gardner, Doohan, Lawson,…), Paris-Dakar teams (HONDA, Cyril Neveu), etc.



Inocencio González
(Founder, CEO, CTO)

(1972, Oviedo, Spain). Industrial Engineer with a long professional career in the automotive sector: 10 years in top – level multi nationals (Continental AG and Piaggio) and since 2010, CEO / founding partner of TZprojects. 

He has extensive experience in vehicle industrialization, business development and project management with more than 25 models (11 electric) created for different brands, OEMs and Start – Ups (Derbi, Rieju , Singaz , Elmoto , Bultaco, etc.) 

“Ino understands how to build a product, but can also teach others how to do the same in the most efficient way”

Alessandro Bifano
(Co – Founder, CMO)

(1981, Salerno, Italy). Bachelor of Communication and Marketing from the University of Salerno, He has a solid international experience in Marketing and Automotive Communication. For 6 years he held different functions within the Piaggio Group, within the Marketing in Spain and Italy for all Group Brands (Derbi, Piaggio, Vespa, Aprilia, MotoGuzzi and Gilera). He has been responsible for Marketing and Sales two of the most active Start – Ups of electric motorcycles in Europe: Volta Motorbikes and Bultaco Motors. 

He is currently Commercial Director of an important motorcycle distribution group in Spain.

Sven Holtermann
(Co – Founder, COO)

(1980, Beckum, Germany). Bachelor of Business Studies from the University of Postdam in Berlin.

He experienced a multinational education, collecting his Diploma in engineering and political economy from the University of Potsdam (Berlin), Bachelor of Business Administration from the Chair of Innovation, Management and Entrepreneurship (IME) from Potsdam University and the SAP Hasso Plattner Institute. 

He has successfully created and developed several companies in different fields, such as hospitality, sports and electric mobility. He has extensive knowledge about the electric vehicle industry, technical supply – especially in the Middle East of Asia – and product development. 

Sven is our business man, he will become your friend while convincing you why you should invest in this company”.

Javier Villa
(Co – Founder, Racing advisor and Racing relations)

(1987, Colunga, Spain). Professional driver with a extensive professional career, including testing roles at BMW Sauber F1 team. He was Asturias Karting Champion in 1998 and 2001, F3 Junior Spanish Champion in 2004, six times Spanish Uphill champion and the Spanish driver with most podiums and victories at GP2. 

Javi has this unique touch of great driver that allows our products to be one step above the competitors.

Round goals

  • Further & quicker development boost.
  • Fulfil required investment for fast entering into production at lower costs.
  • Create an European sales and after-sales network.
  • Execute the marketing plan for 2020 and 2021.
  • Prototype and test our energy storage innovative solutions in order to establish Rothmans as technology leader for light electric vehicles, and offering this competitiveness to OEMs outside karting such as urban scooters and recreational motorcycles producers.

investor pitch

Objective: 400.000 €

Granted capital: 24,94%

Pre-Money valuation: 1.204.000€

Participations: Ordinary

Minimal investment: 50.000€

Tax incentives: No