Product Development


Electric Vehicle ENGINEERING

From simple electronic systems to ebikes, from production motorcycles to racing karts, from design modifications to entirely new developments, Rothmans provides engineering and industrialization expertise to transform your product idea into mass production in a time/cost efficient manner.

Once your product spec has been defined, Rothmans will work with you to determine the best development strategy: Whether that means engineering the best motor and electronics for your application, choosing the most appropriate cell technology and manufacturer, or delivering a full exclusive powertrain for your platform, Rothmans has the expertise to deliver with lowest development time and cost.

As a matter of fact, we have developed from concept to mass production electric vehicles for several European OEMs and StartUps, such as Germany ́s Elmoto and Govecs, Spain ́s Rieju, Bultaco and Silence, or the Dutch Singaz. 

We can create any kind of electric propulsion system and vehicle from 48V to 133V.




Prototyping & Testing

We applied our “Design For Manufacturing and Assembly” method from the initial project planning phase. This approach, not only reduced development cycles and costs, but to optimized later industrialization stages accelerating the time to start production.
We can deliver complete testing programs including but not limited to:

Indoor tests such as:

  • Power/torque/temperature/characterization
  • Battery cycling/endurance
  • Fatigue (mechanical, electrical)
  • Vibration testing

Outdoor testing such as

  • Durability
  • Frame set up
  • Comfort and noise
  • Tire testing (dry/wet)
  • Handling (dry/wet) and
  • Braking

When dealing with street legal vehicles, we can coordinate the entire test approval and homologation working with your selected testing institute or even provide you the best alternative for your application and target market.

SINGAZ Dragonfly Prototype



Sourcing and Industrialization

We have a global network of reliable partners and suppliers with whom we can accelerate creation of any type of product, from dedicated electronics to complete vehicles, ensuring its quality throughout the entire supply chain.

Regardless of whether you need to manufacture a single rapid prototype part or find a manufacturing partner for the assembly of a mass-produced vehicle, our team will deliver turn-key development programs for your peace of mind.


Event Management

We are your perfect partner when it comes to designing and executing all types of

Racing and networking events:

  • Team Building
  • Product launches
  • Driving & racing courses
  • Promotion of racing series (e-kart, e-scooter, e-bikes…)
  • Workshops (on-site, remote, hybrid)

Test programs management and racing track facility management, including

  • Expert drivers hiring
  • Mechanical support
  • Racing car rental
  • Spare parts supply and
  • Event logistics

Upon request we can take care of your team and guests accommodation, catering, transfers, hostesses and support services.