eTork System

Transmission Kits



A perfect fit for eKarts and light electric motorcycles, our patented eTork® transmission system delivers best torque/current ratio without compromising range.

In combination with a flexible coupling and a patented sprocket design for the rear axle, eTork® reduces noise and vibrations from racing chain transmissions, while ensures passive electric isolation between bodywork and motor.

eTork ® has been specifically engineered to fit high performing 428-type chains at high gearing ratios on any automatic transmission system.

  • Maintenance free torque converter
  • Enhances torque on wheel while improving energy efficiency
  • Up to 300Nm on wheels
  • Improved electrical safety due to isolation between BRM and Frame
  • Reduces transmission noise and enlarges service life time
  • Rothmans' proprietary design & engineering
  • Patent pending 2021
eTork® single speed